Decorating the house: how to make a very easy tapestry with carded wool

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July 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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Decorating the house: how to make a very easy tapestry with carded wool

Finally I started again to mess with the carded wool, the one that is also used to make felt.

This beautiful is also dyed with beautiful pastel colors and I decided to turn it into a kind of tapestry, a wall decoration that hangs like a tapestry but much easier to make.

The carded wool is in various colors and in packs of 50 grams perfect for this job, to achieve all I took three packs of three different colors of carded wool, an embroidery loom and a beautiful polka dot ribbon all I did my decoration EASY!

I used wool in gray, light blue and elder.

I opened the packages and unrolled the skein, for each color I used the whole length but you can also make a shorter decoration by dividing lengths, according to your preferences.

Each piece of wool I folded it in half and I put it on horseback around the embroidery hoop and I made the knot by putting in free clothes in the central slot of each thread.

Then I cut 20 cm. about tape that we will use later and I also knotted the ribbon in the same way, it stays a little longer so even using the whole length of the wool you can then roll it down to stop it all with a nice bow.

After stopping the wires I turned the frame upside down so as to have the knots at the top and the wires in the center of the wooden circle and I began to work a simple maxi braid taking double the garments of each color and I combined the garments

If you want to experiment you can complicate a little ‘life by working a braid with six wires or use some knot from macrame, the important thing is to remember not to stretch the wool but make the knots always very soft so as not to ruin and tear it.

Arrived at the bottom of the braid I stopped with only the tape and I made a bow.

With 20 cm. of ribbon cut at the beginning I made a buttonhole at the top, in the middle of the wool, to hang my tapestry and voila!

Original decoration and made with my beautiful hands ready.


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