Decorating the house: how to make a very easy tapestry with carded wool
November 22, 2017
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How to create a tapestry to hang

You will need

  • Frame
  • Colored wool
  • Scissors
  • Sprig
  • Ago, wool

Description of the project

The weaving loom is a technique suitable for adults and children, which allows you to create beautiful hangings of wool to hang, as well as accessories to decorate the house.

In this  blog , we will look at the basic technique and how to make a colorful tapestry with fringes.


Prepare all the materials necessary to make your tapestry to hang.

You can use colored wool, but also thick cotton or webbing.

Create the base

Cut the woolen thread and start creating the base.

Make a knot at the end of the frame and then pass the thread through all the slots in the frame as in the picture.

To start
Roll the wool in the wooden quill and start weaving.

You must alternately pass over and under each wire.

Once you have made a row tighten the weft using the appropriate wooden comb in the kit, so that the fabric is well compacted.

The decorations

If you want you can make decorations by creating small colored fringes.

Create nodes and then cut all the threads to the same length


Continue with weaving, change color or if you want to try mixing wool with cotton.

If you want to create geometric designs or small drawings, you can use a needle for wool.

Remember to tighten the plot as you go.

The branch

Once you have finished, leave a small space to insert the sprig.

To fix it in the best way, you can cover it with colored thread using a woolen needle.

Hide the excess wire parts in the back of the tapestry.

Done! now you just have to add some wire to hang it on the wall.

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