How to embroider the beautiful tapestry point

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February 22, 2017
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How to embroider the beautiful tapestry point

Very often we find ourselves in trouble when it comes to making a present or decorating a house. We would like to find something original that is not too expensive, but we have no idea how to adjust. In some cases, we may choose to do a “do it yourself” job, perhaps using the embroidery technique. In doing so, we would have the opportunity to create a rather original gift with a typical feminine flavor . 
In the following guide, we will see specifically how to embroider the tapestry stitch . The scope of this method is very diverse and ranges from furniture to objects of daily use .


  • canvas
  • Ago
  • Resistant yarn
  • Guide schemes

To get our handmade gift, we must first procure the material. We can go to any haberdashery and buy everything we need to take care of the actual work. 
The best fabric we could use to create an embroidery with a tapestry stitch is the canvas . The most efficient materials are gobelin wool and cotton wool, being very resistant yarns. 
With reference to the design, we can choose any subject. Let us be guided by our imagination, especially when we have a certain familiarity with the embroidery technique . Otherwise, we look for some patterns to use as a guideline.

The drawing trace is on a squared graph very similar to that of the half point. The tapestry stitch consists of a combination of long, short, vertical, horizontal or diagonal points. Through this mixed of points, we can create many different motifs that are renewed thanks to the colors of the yarns. Each picture in the chart corresponds to a hole in the canvas that you want to embroider. 
Each tapestry stitch is worked loom from left to right. At this stage, we must try not to make knots on the reverse. Rather, let’s start and finish a roundabout , passing by string with the work already done. In other words, we will have to let the needle out on the canvas by pushing it with the left hand. The right hand will bring it back a few more square than where it comes out.

As we have seen, the creation of the tapestry stitch is not very complicated. The only thing that could hinder us is our skill level with the embroidery technique . Women are able to perform this type of work more easily than men, so they can embroider with the tapestry stitch with yarns of various colors. 
Embroidery must be done very calmly, perhaps following the instructions of some tutorials found on the web. In any case, a gift of this kind will undoubtedly be appreciated by those who receive it.


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