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April 2, 2017
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The Tapestry Adventure – DIY

I used the barbecue sticks, something I always have in my kitchen. But you can use another base of wood, copper, anyway. Everything will depend on the size you want your wall mat.

Step by step:
1- First you need to cut a set of long strings from the string, the amount you want.
2 – Fold in the middle and place the string on the toothpick (in the case of the barbecue stick, I advise you to use 2 sticks together)
3- Grasp both ends and pull through the handle.
4- Then pull and tighten. Repeat the process by changing colors as you wish.
5- After most of the toothpick is covered, use a piece of string or string at each end and knot and cut the ends.
6- And it’s almost done
7- Hang on the wall with a small nail or frame holder. 
8 – Finally, make the geometric cuts in the shapes you wish.
There you are!

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